Turbo Charged 1973 Datsun 240Z

You are looking at a very clean, rust free, California `73 240Z with a strong 2.8 Liter turbo engine from a 280ZX Turbo. Much work has been put into this car to make it the way you see it here in these pictures, and out of the five Z's I've owned over the years this one has by far been the most fun to own and drive. The turbo 2.8L really pushes this light classic well.

Many have a hard time keeping their eyes off of this car as it drives down the road, and I'm sure you're already looking through the photos, so I will let them do most of the talking. If you require any more pictures or details just ask me before the auction is over.

  • Prowler Orange Pearl Paint, was painted earlier this year and includes a 3 year warranty. In preperation for painting everything that could be unbolted from the car to make painting easier was. Little body work was needed, and the color is very brilliant in the sun. Door jams and engine compartment were also painted.
  • New chrome mirror
  • Late model 280Z vented hood, these vents are functional
  • Reconditioned 280ZX 6 spoke alloy wheels, very light. Complete with Nissan factory lug nuts, and all center caps.
  • Dash mat cover
  • Recovered original seats with rebuilt cushions
  • Console arm rest
  • Reconditioned steering wheel
  • 240Z embroidered floor mats
  • Dash mounted boost gauge

The engine is from an 80K mileage `82 280ZX Turbo with good compression and good oil pressure. Multi port electronic fuel injection delivers consistant power where ever you drive it. The engine's displacement is larger at 2.8L vs the 2.4L that originally came in the car. The turbo charger has been rebuilt and upgraded with a larger compressor (colde side). The larger compressor allows for greater effeciency at higher boost. This turbo is a T3/T4 hybrid with little compromise for the greater power gained, because the turbine side stays the same. The compressed air is cooled by a front mount air to air intercooler making for more condenced cooler intake air. Ignition has been upgraded with a high performance coil, thicker spark plug wires, and NGK plugs. All engine sensors have been replaced with new ones, such as air flower meter, head temp sensor, and o2 sensor. The engine is mated with a low mileage 280Z three speed automatic transmission. The transmission shifts very well, and never slips. Automatic transmitions and turbochargers go together very well, as there is little or no time between shifts that the turbo has to slow down. This makes for very quick and smooth transsions from one gear to the next.

I have always used synthic blends with my turbo engines because of the greater heat created from the turbo. A B&M oil cooler helps handle this heat as well. A electric fan is mounted on the 4 core radiator. In order to power the fan I have upgraded the alternator to a 70 amp internally regulated model off of a 280ZX. With the upgraded alternator you can do things in Z that most wouldn't try, like playing the radio while having the heater on and head lights.

  • 80K mile `82 280ZX Turbo L28-ET (2.8 Liter SOHC) engine, 280ZX Turbo EFI system with new sensors
  • Low mileage 280Z automatic transmission
  • Rebuilt Garrett T3/T4 Hybrid Turbo Charger w/Internal wastegate. T04B Compressor housing .60 A/R V2 Trim, T3 turbine housing .63 A/R
  • Front mount intercooler with 2 1/2" mandrel bend intercooler piping
  • 2 1/2" mandrel bent aluminized steel down pipe and exhaust system, Dynomax Turbo muffler with 3" chrome tip
  • 65MM Large port throttle body
  • Japanese 280ZX non-EGR intake manifold, smoothed and ported
  • Manual boost controler (set boost from 6psi and up)
  • Accel performance Coil
  • Taylor 8mm spark plug wires
  • B&M polished oil cooler
  • Fresh air intake K&N type cone air filter (routed with 3" hard pipes to the front of the car)
  • 4 core upgraded radiator
  • Low profile electric radiator fan
  • 70Amp internally regulated alternator

The interior is just as clean as the outside. You will see the boost gauge installed, along with the reconditioned steering wheel. The headliner looks perfect, and the seats were recovered only a couple years ago. The 240Z embroidered floor mats are a nice touch, and the lack of a choke is a relief to not have to worry about.